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Personal Styling for All Occasions


About Me

Hi, I'm Brendica. The Owner, Style Consultant, Personal Stylist, up and coming Seamstress/Fashion Designer at Style U 2 in Nashville, TN. From a very early age I developed a love for fashion and style. Stumbling around in oversized heels along with an equally large purse was a common pastime. 

My business came to life after a personal, "What do I wear?" dilemma. It's not that I didn't have anything to wear but rather, "How do I pull it all together?". This was also a common theme among friends. So taking what I had in my closet, coupled with my fashion design knowledge and organizational skills, I assembled a wardrobe that works! It was at that moment I realized that others are facing a similar dilemma and would thus welcome a little style assistance.


From Everyday Wear to Special Occasions, I'm available for your personal styling needs. I look forward to meeting with you soon. Remember, fashions change but your style is forever.



Tel: 629.244.0465 Email:

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